Biography (EN)

At school I was already interested in everything to do with music. The active musical phase started with the guitar.  Making music myself . . . that was cool. And when Peter Bursch came to Herne and offered guitar lessons for those unable to read music, the ice was broken. Nevertheless some time passed before I got my first electric guitar at the start of the 80s: a Fender Stratocaster. That was when the first band was formed.

The drums attracted me as well. Here I taught myself: turning the music up loud enough and playing the drum part as accurately as possible. That’s how I became the drummer in the school orchestra, which on the one hand accompanied school drama and on the other hand gave its own performances. The highlight was in 1986 making our own LP (Long Playing Record – has to be explained in the age of CD and MP3) together with school choir and orchestra.

When I saw the keyboard player in my band with a Korg Polysix, I was fascinated by its possibilities and the fantastic sounds that you could produce with it.  At some point I then had a DX-7 and a 4-track cassette recorder (MT 44 D) by Yamaha. Now I was independent and could realize my own ideas myself. Nearly every day I spent several hours recording my own songs. A school friend wrote the lyrics, I did the music.

At the start of my studies in 1989 I formed a band with two friends, that was established in the Christian music scene. The band was called „Prophylaxe Now“. At first there was a sparse line-up keyboards, guitar, saxophone and vocals, later base and drums were added. We produced several demo cassettes and had a permanent place in the Promikon artist catalogue.

After studying I ended up working in Hanover. Unfortunately that meant that I had to leave Prophylaxe Now.

In 1998 I came to the Ruhr area. A band project was forming and I joined as guitarist. This band lasted for several years. In addition I helped out in the band of our female vocalist as of 2006. I became a permanent member of this band too, until it split up in 2011.

Via the keyboarder of this band I came into contact in 2009 with Torsten Abel. Torsten is active in the electronic muisc scene as TMA („Berlin School“) and has published several CDs on the Syngate label. He was looking for a guitarist for two tracks on his CD „Sequentrips„, which appeared in May 2010. Torsten and I hit it off with each other and I also contributed guitar on the next project „Hydra„, which appeared in November 2010, a co-production by TMA and Alien Nature.

Torsten and I still cooperate to this very day.


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